Kildorrery Tidy Towns was formed in the early 1990's. Over the years we have entered numerous Tidy Towns competitions namely, the National Tidy Towns Competition, Ballyhoura Country Tidy Towns Awards and the Cork County Council Anti-Litter Challenge. We have gained marks in all these competitions and we continue to strive to be successful in our endeavors.

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May is upon us and we are in the start of a new year in competitions that we enter our community in each year to highlight our fantastic village & community further afield.

Kildorrery has grown and continues to improve year on year as witnessed by everyone in our community and daily visitors that stop off and enjoy our village, interacting with local businesses and residents.

With all this in mind we would ask you to review the items below and see if any would enhance our village and assist us in establishing Kildorrery as a village of excellence:

  • Painting / Power washing buildings, railings, walls etc.
  • Flowers planted and hedging/grass cut & maintained.
  • Tubs & baskets in your window or house front.
  • Front of premises kept clean & tidy.

These are a taste of the key areas that we would appreciate our community to review and engage on to help as we advance our local community.

Equally we would ask all residents to take care of their own premises and surrounding area, in the event you need support or advice please do not hesitate to ask the local committee.

Kildorrery village & community is powered by community volunteerism and passionate belief of all, that we have a unique community in which our families and generations to come will have a special place to belong to and grow up in.

We thank you in your support in making Kildorrery great.